Friday, October 14, 2011

Still Waiting...


Ya..Still Waiting...I'm still waiting..Hope there are a good news for's hard to say...Waiting, waiting waiting..until.......? until I know the truth. Until I know the exact fact. Until all of this is clear. But, dont u know...? Waiting ***** is like waiting for rain to fall in the middle of a drought. 
Waiting really painful..huh..
I really dont like this feeling..It can make me crazy...
But I have to wait and see..Am I coward..? coz just wait and see...? Am I doing the right thing..? I really dont know this is the right thing or not..

notakaki: waiting for forever @_@


  1. its really hurt! i can feel it... =(

  2. cik nurul : yaa...really hurt..tQ ya for coming here . . .