Monday, July 18, 2011

Tomorrow is Tuesday


ekeleehh..apa hal lak entry ni tajuk ni pulak kan..Semua org tau la esok hari Selasa..kikiki

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it will make me nervous until my last internship here. Every Tuesday morning, my team have weekly meeting...erk...I dont like coz I'll be nervous and nervous again..urmm..It coz my development for my project still in progress and dont have any improvement yet..arghh..I'm still blur doing this project.Everyday ask Aunt Google and Uncle Google but still dont have any improvement..

Wanna ask colleague..? Always nervous too..haizzz..bila la penyakit nervous ni nak mana saja follow me..huh...Mentor? lagi la...I'm Always misunderstanding the requirement..Doing project alone can make me crazy...All of us get the different project and application.So, I have too explore myself...

With full of hoping that tomorrow will get the improvement doing this project..

wanna back now..adios


  1. today is my dauter birthday...

    nak follow blog ini tp tak ada butang follower yg keluar..

  2. dh terjah blog mamaEma.. ke xde butang follower..? myb ada kesilapan teknikal kot..hee =)