Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cont : Video Conference


I just wanna share the experience of the video conference that I attended just now..

waaa...I'm really nervous, really excited for the video conference but it has to continue by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow...huaaaa...I'm really scared these 2 days just bcoz of the video connference! at last, I'm not done my part yet..There are several people not done their part also. The big boss said, it will continue..hurmmm..I'm become nervous again loo..=_='

This is my first time involve for the video conference. I'm so excited too. The new experience for me. Although I'm just intern student, I have to take part on this too and I feel like the staff here.
The conference involve more than 3 place which is Germany; Dresden and Regensberg, Austria; Villach, Asian Pacific ; Mallaca and Kulim and also Singapore.

So, this really the new one in my life and it will continue because I'll grad and get the job after this. InsyaAllah...

foot note : excited and nervous again..=_='

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