Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thinking of myself

Assalamualaikum and morning to all of u

i can't sleep tonite..myb because of nescafe. haha..blame it...nope..
i tried to study Finance for my last exam but i'm not understand it. so, stop studying, close the book and then blog walking. hehe... so, just continue study with my friends tomorrow. myb it will get more understand.

I tried to sleep but i can't. Too many things in my head.
I was thinking about my examination in the last year in UUM, 2 papers to go..
Am I pass the exam? if I'm failed? arghhh....I'm really worried...

I was thinking about my past life...there are too many things happened before.sweet memories, bitter memories, and so on..this is a life. All of this can make us more matured to understand what is life..

I was thinking about my future life. Can I get the job easily..? What kind of job? Related to my course or not (it's not important) as long as I get the 'Halal' job, who am I in next 5 years ? Myb I'm the System Analyst? Programmer? Database Admin? businesswoman? full time housewife?
Who's my soul mate? That can accept me.Understand me.Love me.Care to me.

I was thinking everything.....
That make me can't sleep......
The journey is still long............

"Life is a journey..."


  1. bila banyak difikir, rasa banyak jaa masalah ni...

  2. nub : maaf lambat reply komen..baru abis exam.
    itu la..makin byk pk makin, xyah pening2 pk sometime benda2 tu datang tiba2,,tu yg x dapat nk elak...terPK gk..hehe