Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interview Oh Interview

Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam..

hye peeps..
sihat..? hope semua sihat ok..

Jom terus ke tajuk entry utk malam ni..Interview Oh Interview...Ya.interview again..and now is my turn ok..not my friend anymore. He already got the job..Congrats dear..

fufff..i can't sleep. still thinking about the interview tomorrow. What kind of question that they will ask me? What kind of test that they will give me? huhh...everything in my mind right now...

Test? Technical test? IQ Test? EQ Test..? too many test ok..which one will come out tomorrow? I was text the person who called me for come to interview..and asked him whether there have a test or not and how many interviewer will in charge.Ok,

the answer was;
it behavioural cum technical. there will be 1-2 persons.

aduh..meaning..? err..i asked my office mate and he said, yes...there have a test.. off course la..IT interview must have a test...errr...i don't know about that. just heard from others. fuff...1-2 persons will be the interviewer..haihhh =.="

The company also the famous one.Big, no wonder la im really worry right [sedapkanhatisendiri]. So, whatever it is, tomorrow is the day.Sometimes, I think I dont want to go..But sometimes wanna go..just to get the experience right. If the job is for me, InsyaAllah it will be mine.If not..find another job..peacee~~

btw. wish me luck ya...thanks =)

notakaki:sangat nervous oke


  1. All d best..
    selawat byk ok..
    ingat tips yg akak bg dlm entry yg lepas2 tu..

  2. ye jawap baik...dapat job jangan lupe belanje..kahkah..

  3. jgn neves ok..gud luck dan semoga berjaya

  4. tq kawan2 semua..hee..lepas dah interview interview pulak la..kalo ada..hihi